“How I Got Started”

by Sharon Morgan

“How I Got Started” featuring the FJC’s Sharon Morgan. (more…)

Defining Survivor

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines a survivor as 1. To remain alive or in existence, 2. To continue to function or prosper. Reading the definition makes it sound so simple and easy just to be. (more…)

The First Morning

The first morning that I woke up in bed alone after ten years of turmoil, I was amazed.  I expected grief, I expected regret, I expected an overwhelming sense of loss.  (more…)

Do You Know Me?

by Patricia Stoman Walker (more…)


by Sharon Morgan

When I was a girl I used to spend long summer hours catching butterflies then carefully mounting them in my prized display case. Admiring their beauty and in awe of their miraculous life cycle, I imagined that I too, had a set of beautiful wings. In retrospect, it is no wonder why today the butterfly has significant symbolism in my life. (more…)

Productive Fear

It’s September in Buffalo so like many Western New Yorkers, I’m thinking about snow.  When will the first flakes fall? What costumes work over parkas? Are there really 50 Inuit words for snow? (more…)