On-Site / On-Call Community Partners

Buffalo Police Department

The City of Buffalo Police Department co-locates a full duty police officer and report technician at the FJC.  The police officer meets with clients interested in filing a report and/or pressing criminal charges against their abuser.  The officer will explain the process and take the report in the comfort of one of our living rooms.  If the client decides to go forward with pressing charges, the report technician will file the appropriate paperwork.

Child and Family Services – Haven House

Haven House provides emergency shelter in a confidential location for domestic violence victims needing an immediate place to stay.  Haven House is an on-call partner with the FJC, to link clients with this emergency shelter as well as on-going counseling programs.

Child Advocacy Center/Child & Adolescent Treatment Services (CATS)

CATS provides assessment and referral services to children who have been exposed to domestic violence. in their homes. CATS consists of experienced mental health professionals with expertise in providing the following to children and families: comprehensive treatment planning, individual counseling, family counseling, specialized treatment for sexual victimization, teen suicide prevention, psychiatric consultation and medication prescription and monitoring.

Erie County District Attorney’s Office

The DA is the prosecuting agency for all domestic violence crimes committed in Erie County. The office oversees all cases in the Buffalo City Court Domestic Violence Part, the Felony Domestic Violence Court, the integrated Domestic Violence Court, as well as the prosecution of misdemeanor cases pending in local towns and villages.

Erie County SPCA – Paws for Love Program

The Erie County SPCA’s Paws for Love Program is on-site at the FJC to make therapy dogs available to clients.  Pet therapy is offered to clients to provide comfort and support as the client is sharing their story with the advocates and service providers at the FJC.

International Institute of Buffalo

The Domestic Violence Victim Services program at the International Institute of Buffalo (IIB) is specifically designed to help and support immigrants and refugees who feel unsafe or have problems in their marriage or relationship. No matter what your immigration status, IIB will use an interpreter to assist with the safety of you and your children. IIB staff will help you with court, safe shelter, a link to an immigration attorney, English class, employment or whatever else you might need to feel safe and independent.

Neighborhood Legal Services

NLS provides civil legal assistance to victims.  Clients requesting NLS services will have their legal needs assessed, receive legal advice and/or appropriate referrals. Limited legal representation is available in divorce, child support, and housing matters.

Office of Court Administration, 8th Judicial District

FJC clients can appear before an Erie County Family Court Judge or Court Attorney Referee via video-teleconferencing located at the FJC in order to obtain a temporary ex parte (or, with the other side absent) order of protection without leaving the comfort and security of the center.  FJC clients may also choose to work with an advocate at the FJC to efile a family offense petition with Erie County Family Court which they can choose to be formally filed at a later date.

UB Family Medicine, Inc. – Forensic Medical Unit

Clients may request a forensic medical examination. A Forensic Medical Unit Nurse will body map their injuries. Other medical services and follow-up examinations are provided on a limited basis.

University at Buffalo School of Law – Family Violence & Women’s Rights Clinic

The Family Violence & Women’s Rights Clinic fills a very important gap in legal services for victims of domestic violence.  The Clinic provides clients with civil legal representation when they do not qualify for assistance from a free legal resource, but do not have the means to retain a private attorney.

Off-Site Community Partners: