How to Get Involved

Volunteer Opportunities:

The Family Justice Center offers many different volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups interested in getting involved.

These include:

  • Intake Specialists: Intake specialists help clients obtain services by performing intake assessments and obtaining referrals to appropriate partner agencies.
  • SAFELine Responders: SAFELine Responders provide information and support to hotline callers and make referrals to appropriate onsite partners.
  • Child Waiting Area Volunteers: Volunteers in our Child Waiting Area provide supervision to children between the ages of 3-13. These volunteers provide a warm and supportive play environment for the children of Family Justice Center clients while the clients receive services.
  • Hospitality Volunteers: Hospitality Volunteers create a welcoming environment for new clients by initially greeting them in the Front Porch and assisting them through the intake process.
  • Chaplains:Chaplains provide spiritual support and discuss any spiritual questions or difficulties with clients, especially struggles with suffering, the marriage covenant or other faith related issues.
  • Clerical Support: Clerical Support Volunteers assist staff in reception, clerical, or other office duties

What do Family Justice Center volunteers say about their service?

“It was rewarding to do intakes and know that I was partly responsible for clients getting help.

“It made me more aware of the prevalence of domestic violence and the effects it has on children – how they are often the forgotten victims.”

“It makes me feel good to know the little things I do help change a person’s life.”

“I will never forget my time at the Family Justice Center.  It has changed my opinion of domestic violence.”

Interested in learning more about becoming a volunteer?  Please contact: jstrycharz@fjcsafe.org.



By donating “everyday” items to the Family Justice Center, volunteers make a difference in a client’s life. Below is a story that appeared in our May newsletter, which describes how donations affected one family’s life.

Orchard Park United Methodist Church (OPUMC) recently provided a “new life” for a Family Justice Center client. With the church’s donations, our agency was able to give a mother moving into a new apartment with her children items that she could not afford.  OPUMC generously donated articles such as pillows, tissues, diapers, clothing, toiletries and baby necessities.

For over 50 years OPUMC has been a supporter of the WNY community. Led by Rev. Dr. Bong Hee Sung, the congregation has contributed to a variety of organizations in the Buffalo area.

OPUMC has brought what it had to offer the FJC – hope for those without. We will never forget how the church helped that one family in need.

Please see our Wish List for a listing of essential items.