Jilly’s Room Unveiled

Jill Russell Cayhill was an avid gardener, a gentle soul, and a beautiful spirit and you can feel and sense all of that in the Family Justice Center’s newest room – Jilly’s Room. It is a beautiful sanctuary designed to be a respite for self-care for the dedicated volunteers, staff, and partners that work at the Center.

Jill’s sister, Debra Jaeger, a long-time friend and supporter of the Family Justice Center designed the room, which truly captures her sister’s spirit. From the charming garden wall, to the trickling fountain and the inviting seating, Jilly’s room is a tranquil escape from the stark reality that the frontline responders at the Center hear and deal with daily.

Jilly’s Room was officially unveiled on April 18, 2018 when Debra Jaeger, surrounded by her family and friends, clipped the ribbon on the new room. It was a celebration of Jill’s life as well as the many lives that this new room will touch and soothe. We are so grateful for this beautiful new addition to the Center and for all of the incredible work that Deb has done in her sister’s name and memory. On behalf of Deb, we would also like to thank all of her Praxair friends who made this possible with their financial sponsorship of Jilly’s Room.


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