Why do people victimized by domestic violence feel trapped?

Simply because they often are trapped. That doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s no way out, but there are many good reasons why it may be difficult to end a relationship with a violent partner. The choices are not risk-free. Leaving is not always the safest or best option.

Often, people abused by their intimate partners just want the violence and abuse to stop, but they don’t want the relationship to end. Even when they do want to get out of the relationship, it is hard.

Love, family, shared memories, and commitment are bonds that are hard to break. Cultural and religious beliefs may be barriers to ending a relationship. Immigration status may be another obstacle. Of course, fear of physical danger may be a very real concern. Another barrier is financial dependence on the abuser. There is also the risk of losing shared children and/or the negative impact on children of “breaking up the family.”

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