What is safety planning?

Safety planning is the process of evaluating the risks and benefits of different options and identifying ways to reduce the risks. There are risks attached to every decision a person being victimized by domestic violence makes.

If you are in a violent relationship, one of the most important steps you can take is to make a safety plan for your home and workplace. These plans contain simple but critical steps you can take to increase your safety and reduce your risk while you deal with the violence you face in your personal life.

You probably know more about safety planning than you might even realize. Being in a relationship with an abusive partner – and surviving – requires considerable skill and resourcefulness. Any time you do or say something as a way to protect yourself and/or your children, you are enacting a safety plan.

A documented personalized safety plan, however, can reduce your risk of being harmed. FJC advocates are experts in helping you create a safety plan that is appropriate for every situation.

For information about telephone privacy and safety and computer and e-mail safety, go to www.nyscadv.org/safety.

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