What will happen if I call the police?

If you call the police, they must come to investigate. For the police to make a decision to arrest, they need to find probable cause that a crime was committed.

If the police find that your partner committed a felony against you or another family member, they must make an arrest. Felonies are the most serious of crimes, such as an assault that results in serious physical injuries like broken bones.

If the police find that a family offense misdemeanor has been committed, they must make an arrest unless you ask them not to do so. If the police have evidence of a crime, they may still make the arrest. Examples are stalking or physical injury, usually more than bruise.

If the police witness a violation being committed, they may make an arrest, but they are not required to do so. If the police do not witness the violation or choose not to make an arrest, you may sign a complaint against your partner.

The police will refer you to the FJC where you may meet with members of the Buffalo Police Department and/or the BE-SAFE Program and receive other supportive services.

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